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Barbara V.

This year I became a member in a class action lawsuit involving defective construction. Attorney Floyd was one of the Attorneys that helped me prepare for my deposition. He provided an overview of the lawsuit, making sure I knew what the action against the contractor was and how to express my concerns about the problems with my home.

During the Deposition Attorney Floyd sat right by my side as I answered questions from the Defendant’s Attorney. It would have been an intimidating experience if not for the guidance from Attorney Floyd. I truly appreciated his direction and expertise.

Prior to the trial, Attorney Floyd described how he expected the trial to proceed. When called as a witness, I was able to effectively express my concerns and their impact on my family.

We have received a significant sum of money, in partial payment, to make repairs on our home; I feel confident we will ultimately receive additional monies which will allow us to make significant repairs to our home.

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