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Serious personal or bodily injury refers to bodily injury which involves substantial risk of death, protracted and obvious disfigurement, or protracted loss or impairment of the function of a bodily member or organ or mental faculty.

What Makes An Injury Catastrophic As It Relates To Personal Injury Law?

A catastrophic injury lawsuit typically stems from an accident that either results in a wrongful death, significant medical expenses, significantly reduces an individual’s earning capacity, or any combination of the three. Usually, there is a lasting impact that truly impacts your quality of life, your ability to work, or both.

What Are The Differences Between A Catastrophic Personal Injury Claim Versus A Traditional Personal Injury Claim?

The differences usually relate to the level of the nature of the injuries and impact on someone’s life. While there are some exceptions, injuries that do not require significant treatment, surgery, or long-term care or expenses, such as soft tissue injuries like whiplash, some bruising from an accident, small scratches, or other minor injuries are not considered catastrophic.

What Are The Long Term Effects That You See In Catastrophic Injury Cases?

It is impossible to fully describe the multitude of long-term effects and resulting damages caused by these types of accidents, not only on the injured individual(s), but also on their families and loved ones. Catastrophic injury cases can significantly impact someone’s ability to carry out the activities of daily living or even eliminate a life. The long-lasting and devastating effects, the costs associated with those injuries, and the reduced enjoyment of life are simply hard to fathom until you have been through it or have seen it firsthand.

How Are Future Damages Calculated In Catastrophic Injury Cases?

There are numerous factors that impact damages in a catastrophic injury case, and calculating those damages begins with knowing what is recoverable and understanding what kind of experts are required. It is imperative to work with the proper professionals in order to evaluate the costs associated with future medical care, to determine what services someone will need, and to calculate the impact on the person’s future earning capacity, if any. An expert is needed to determine those costs and then an economist is often hired to calculate the present value of those costs. This process is often much more complex than one might think and requires a knowledgeable attorney with great attention to detail who can assist in finding the right experts in order to make sure relevant expenses are not inadvertently left out when calculating damages.

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