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The aim of civil litigation is to protect the rights of individuals or companies who have been injured or damaged by the misconduct of other individuals or entities. The law affords both individuals and companies a wide range of rights and protections. Civil litigation provides the manner for individuals to recover for intrusions upon those rights. This spans a wide array of individual rights and areas of the law, including but not limited to construction defect, personal injury, medical malpractice, premises liability, and products liability law. Attorney Floyd has spent his entire career representing litigants in various areas of civil litigation.

What Exactly Is Civil Litigation? What Types Of Cases Does This Entail?

In its simplest terms, civil litigation is the aspect of the legal system that allows people and legal entities to seek compensation when they been damaged or injured due to the fault of another. There are many different aspects and types of civil litigation. The reach of civil litigation is very, very broad ranging from individuals seeking restraining orders against another, to real estate disputes, to construction defect litigation, to personal injury, and on and on. At its core, civil litigation is about vindicating and protecting the rights of individuals and legal entities. Monetary compensation, rather than criminal penalties or punishments, is the remedy in most of the civil legal system.

If I Win My Civil Case Am I Guaranteed Damages?

As a general rule, you cannot win a civil litigation case without establishing some type of damages that were caused by the at-fault party’s misconduct. The amount of damages, and possibly the type of damages, will vary based on the specific facts and circumstances of a particular case. However, a Plaintiff cannot win on a civil case without establishing that they can recover damages.

Could My Civil Case Be Settled At Any Time Even If We Are In Litigation?

Absolutely. A case can be settled at any point up to a jury verdict and, honestly, it can even be settled after that. If a verdict or judgment is appealed. Until a judgment becomes truly final or the Supreme Court issues Its order, ending the case, a case could still be resolved through a settlement. So, absent a final judgment that has not been appealed or a final decision affirming the judgment completely resolving the case, a settlement is always a possibility.

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