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Lee Floyd formed the Floyd Law firm with the aim of helping individuals with civil litigation issues. The Firm’s focus is on homeowners that have experienced significant problems and sustained damages due to the construction of and/or repairs to their homes. However, Lee’s diverse background has provides him with the experience to handle all aspects of civil litigation, not just defective construction claims. Located on Johns Island, the Floyd Law Firm is committed to helping the residents of Charleston and the greater Charleston area with their legal needs.
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Construction Defects, Severe Personal Injury, Products Liability, Insurance Bad Faith, and Insurance Coverage Disputes


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State of South Carolina (2007) United States District Court, District of South Carolina (2007) United States Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit (2008)



Graduated With Honors From Both University of South Carolina School of Law, JD (2007) and Wofford College, BA in Government and Philosophy (2003)


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Common Construction Defects

Water intrusion is the uncontrolled movement of water or water vapor into areas in a building where it is unwanted and undesirable. Water intrusion is a serious issue that is typically related to a defect in the way a home was constructed. It often is due to faulty installation of windows, siding, and/or exterior doors. Water intrusion typically takes a significant amount of time to become visible on the interior of a home and is often accompanied by substantial, non-visible damages behind the exterior cladding of a home, such as brick veneer, hardieplank siding or vinyl siding.
See Water Intrusion
A roof leak can be identified as an accidentally discharge of contents, especially liquid or gas, through a hole or crack. Like water intrusion, roof leaks are serious issues that often go undetected by homeowners because they take a significant amount of time to show up on the interior surfaces of a home. At first, these issues may only appear in the attic and are often attributable to faulty construction.
See Roof Leaks
Foundation cracks are considered to be a line on the surface of the structural foundation along which it has split without breaking into separate parts. Furthermore, this may lead to basement leaks and further structural damage. The proper performance of a foundation is integral to the structural stability of a home. While contractors will often tell homeowners that “all concrete cracks,” there are different types of cracks that can show up in foundations. Concrete slabs cracking due to settlement (differential settlement or otherwise) is a serious concern and may be due to defects in the preparation of the ground supporting the home.
See Foundation Cracks
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    A builder or insurer typically will not fully take care of your interests or take the steps necessary to compensate you fully for your loss. It is in the builder’s or insurer’s best interest to do the bare minimum to resolve your complaint and avoid fully compensating you for your damages rather than to fully and fairly resolve your claim.

    It will not cost you anything out of pocket. Any fees and expenses for the Floyd Law Firm come out of any recovery. If there is no recovery, then it will cost you nothing.

    You should contact an attorney as soon as you feel that your rights are being disregarded or you are not being taken seriously. It is important to contact an attorney promptly as there are laws that bar the filing of a lawsuit after a certain amount of time has passed since a person knew or should have known they may have a claim.

    When you think your rights are not being protected or that you are not being dealt with fairly.

    In the context of construction defects, homeowners have more rights than the builder or an insurer may acknowledge, such as the fact that a one-year warranty is not the only warranty a homeowner has a right to under South Carolina law. Also, Construction defects and the resulting problems are often difficult if not impossible for homeowners to see until after extensive damage has already occurred, which often takes years. There are often additional problems that may not yet be noticeable without a thorough inspection by a professional engineer.